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. but this restaurant is in seoul. >> translator: political issues will not affect the popularity of japanese food culture here. >> translator: political disputes and cultural exchanges are completely different issues. >> reporter: now south koreans can dig into japanese food in restaurants all over seoul. two years ago, mika joku and her south korean husband jumped at an opportunity to introduce ramen to the capital. they modified their recipes a bit to appeal more to the south korean patate, and their business flourished.this month fourth store in seoul. >> translator: i think our i think they enjoy tal our staff without touching on political issues. >> reporter: and the exchanges aren't just cultural. south korean companies such as samsung and lg grew into leading global companies. now managers of japanese firms count them amomomomomo important clients. the south korean government haho government officials have discounted corporate taxes and offered up land at cheap prices. >> translator: p d d d d d d d t orter: managers of lationship japanese firms jumped at the south koreans' offer. last yea
in their neighborhoods. 300 people, including small shop owners, rallied in seoul. they're making demands to supermarkets to close for one day over weekends when customer traffic is high. small retailers are under pressure from large stores in their neighborhood. supermarket operators are making huge profits by taking advantage of their diversified business. meanwhile, the government brought together the two sides for the first meeting. executives of leading chain store operators met with representatives of a small retailers association. in response to complaints from family-run shops, the managers of chain operators proposed they would not set up stores in cities with a population of 300,000 or less. they also offered to close for one weekday twice a month. >>> texas instruments will withdraw from making chips for smartphones and tablet computers. that's despite the fact that more and more people are using these devices. the major u.s. chipmaker said it would stop costly spending in a very competitive business of smartphones and tablets. it would be difficult to rival apple and samsung, which dominate t
to a territorial dispute. the working-level talks in seoul on thursday will be attended by japanese deputy foreign minister koji and south korean deputy trade minister yi. they're expected to trade opinions on various matters including trade, investment and tourism. their topics are expected to include a free trade agreement between japan, south korea and china. the three countries agreed on tuesday to start talks on a tri-lateral fta. due to the territorial dispute between japan and south korea, an official meeting between the top leaders did not take place on the isidelines of the asean summit earlier this week. >>> the world inhabitants could soon find themselves outnumbered by cell phones. the number of mobile subscriptions will exceed 9 billion in six years. analysts at seed den's sweden's erickson. 7.2 billion for 2013, almost level with the world's population. and 9.3 billion by the end of 2018. users are expected then to have 3.3 billion smartphones, accounting for one-third of devices. chinese and asia-pacific residents are expected to increase mobile subscriptions the most. advances in n
in japanese but this restaurant is in seoul. >> translator: political issues will not affect the popularity of japanese food culture here. political disputes and culture exchanges are completely different issues. >> reporter: now south koreans can dig into japanese food in restaurants all over seoul. two years ago mika and her south korean husband jumped at a opportunity to introduce ramen to the capital. they modified their recipes a bit to appeal to the south korean palette and their business flourished. >> reporter: this month they will open their fourth store in seoul. >> translator: i think our customers like japan. i think they enjoy talking to our staff without touching on political issues. >> reporter: the exchanges aren't just culture. south korean companies grew into leading global companies. now managers of japanese firms count them among their most important clients. the south korean government has been encouraging foreign companies for decades to invest. government officials have discounted corporate taxes and offered up land at cheap prices. >> translator: political tensions d
bombing the japanese embassy in seoul now has a crack legal team on his side thanks to the chinese government. chinese authorities assembled the team to seek expedition of liu qiang from south korea. he was arrested in january after throwing bombs at the embassy. he's also admitted to setting fire to the yasukuni shrine. in tokyo last december. japanese officials have asked south korea to transfer liu after his jail term ends under their extradition treaty. however the chinese contracted lawyers want the man sent home as a political offender, rather than handed over to japan. south korean judicial officials say the legal team is made up of five lawyers from a prominent south korean law firm. the trial at the seoul high court is scheduled to begin on thursday. >>> tibetan exiles of india have taken to the streets in new delhi to protest the new government. >> reporter: tibetan exiles are angry about -- hundreds gathered in the indian capital wednesday to criticize china. they say its policies have driven does accepts of tibetan refugees to set fire to themselves. >> reporter: tibeta
in his small apartment in seoul, south korea. >> how scared were you when you were crossing the border? >> i knew in order to live i had to cross the river and get to the other side. as soon as i got over the first thought that popped into my head was oh, yes, i am alive. >> once you cross from north korea into china it's not like the doors have been flung open for these people. there are dangers in china, too. >> they have zero tolerance policy toward north koreans in china. >> not only the police but china has seasons where they announce to their citizens along the borders to report north korean people to them so they can earn money. >> if you were sent back from china into north korea what could happen to you? >> committed treason by leaving the country and the punishment is death. >> his wife and second daughter crossed over into china almost a year later. >> we had an elder leader she called a local church. >> what happens to family members in north korea if it is discovered one of their family members has managed to escape successfully. >> their families would suffer. >> they wil
the islands. he visited the town of seoul. they have been sister cities for 17 years. he met with the suao mayor and representatives of the fishing cooperative. >> translator: there are various disputes over the senkaku islands between japan and taiwan. i believe our two communities can resolve the issues one by one. >> he said he hopes to resolve the dispute. fishing boats from su eered japanese waters off the islands in september. they're protesting japan's decision to national lies the islands. official from japan and taiwan began talks on fishing in the area 16 years ago. the talks have been suspended for more than three and a half years. people in northern japan are dealing with stormy weather, strong gusts are causing disruptions there. maya shoji explains. >> northern japan and the western flank of japan are dealing with rough weather. they're being hammer the with strong gusts and lots of precipitation over much of the country and down towards kumamoto we found gusts of 80 kilometers per hour that has been reported in the past 24 hours. here in around tokyo region the prefecture ha
-pacific region, seoul's kospi, 1864. that is down 1.5%. australia's benchmark index is also lower, .8% at 4352. >>> hundreds of thousands of workers have staged strikes or demonstrated across europe in coordinated protests against excessive cuts in government spending. wednesday's rallies in spain, italy, greece and elsewhere were planned by the european trade union confederation. in spain more than 10,000 people staged demonstrations in central madrid. clashes with riot police left some people injured. protesters also clashed in rome and milan. in spain and portugal workers went on strike, some schools were closed, and flight services were canceled. the labor confederation says austerity is a total dead end social protection and wages can no longer be sacrificed. critics say the european economy is stagnating due to these austerity measures. these cludtax hikes d payroll cuts in the public sector. that's all for business news for this hour. i'll leave with you a recap of the region's markets. >>> the european union will use its nobel peace prize money to set up a relief fund for children in w
, rallied in seoul. they're making demands to supermarkets to close for one day over weekends when customer traffic is high. small retailers are under pressure from large stores in their neighborhoods. supermarket operators are making huge profits by taking advantage of their diversified business. meanwhile, the government brought together the two sides for their first meeting. executives of leading chain store operators met with representatives of a small retailers association. in response to complaints from family run shops, the managers of chain operators propose they would not set up stores in cities with a population of 300,000 or less. they also offered to close for one weekday twice a month. >>> there's snow in northern japan. meteorologist robert speta is here with the details. robert? >>> well, yes, across much of northern honshu here, actually. that's where we're seeing this cloud cover move overhead. fukushima prefecture in the higher elevations, upwards of 23 secentimeters of snow was repord in the past 23 hours. the winds will shift directions going through your friday, so that
into the working world. >> reporter: the sun has only just come up, but students at this school in seoul have already got their heads in their books. it's 7:40 in the morning. these are not high schoolers. many of them are college students and graduates seeking jobs in topnotch korean firms. they know employers want to see a line on their resume proving they're proficient in english. this woman is taking a year off from college to sharpen her skills. she studies english all day. next year she'll set out to find a job. >> translator: many people recognize you if you get into a big company. that's not the case if you join small firms. >> reporter: but too many students compete for too few jobs, especially at top companies. more than half leave school without a job. >> reporter: many can't bear the cost. tuition is soaring. so, many students have to quit. but without a degree, a good job is out of the question. crowds of students have taken to the streets to demand that government leaders keep their promises and cut tuition in half. this woman will graduate this month. she's looking for a part-t
for throwing four firebombs at the japanese embassy in seoul in january. authorities in japan demanded his extradition after he finished serving time, but officials in china want liu sent home for humanitarian reasons. they say he suffers from mental illness. the chinese government helped assemble liu's defense team. liu told the seoul high court thursday he started the shrine fire because he was trying to correct the japanese government's historical views. he asked the court to send him back to china saying he would not get a fair trial in japan. liu's defense team said his crimes are considered political and he should not be handed over to japanese authorities. prosecutors countered liu does not meet the definition of a political offender. the court has put off its decision until defense witnesses testify in two more rounds of hearings. >>> managers of a tea company in western japan have issued a major recall. they're pulling 3 million packages of chinese oolong tea off the market. they found chemicals higher than the permitted standard in the product. the quay company is based in the ci
the contrast there with seoul's kospi. it's trading down at 1,867. australia's benchmark index is down. you can see the contrast between asian indexes and the nikkei. u.s. consumer prices posted only a minor gain last month as the rise in gasoline came to an end. the consumer price index rose 0.1% from the previous month. clothing recognize 0.7% and shelter includiing rent gained 0.3%. people who make traditional japanese paper fear their may will losing relevance. >> reporter: home furnishing professionals gathered here at this trade show in tokyo. >> translator: are they reusable? don't they rot? >> they don't go moldy either. that sounds good. >> reporter: the vases are made of paper. treated with a mix of special resins makie ining them water p >> translator: we're really impressed by the response. it's much better than we expected. demand for washi has been cooling since fewer houses are being fitted with traditional siding paper doors. the company teamed up with a local designer to create washi products that could capture the imagination of consumers. >> translator: i suggested making vas
're seeing unchanged moves in seoul. 1,934 at the moment. an nhk survey shows that half the electronic and automakers have given a groomy employment outlook. keeping the present number of workers on the payroll have become difficult or will be tough. all the 30 companies from six main industries responded to the survey conducted this month. they involve autos, automotive parts, electrical machinery, semiconductors and electronic parts. six of the firms have cut domestic work force since last fiscal year or since april 2011 under their early retirement programs. panasonic did not disclose the number of laid off workers but 17,000 people have been let go. six firms said they are already finding it difficult to maintain their work force. nhk also asked these companies what steps would be needed to retain their work force? many urged the government to take measures to stem the yen. most nuclear power plants are not operating and that pushes up electricity charges. the european union has give tennessee green light to start trade talks with japan. nhk has the details. sdplp trade ministers a
of the year. to get you morning is faster return to seoul reporter jackie sissel who joins us live from oakland. >> good morning, the roads are still wet. two things with a wet roadways and another surprising thing so early in the morning is there seems to be a lot of traffic out here the morning before thanksgiving. lots of rain came down overnight and in the last 10 or 15 minutes the rain has stopped but you can see still lots of standing standing water on the roadway. also traffic you won't have a huge commute morning but a lot of people are headed out for a thanksgiving. traffic is starting to build out here kind of surprising. >> the good as it is there's no crazy traffic out this morning at least for you are at. where we seem showers as of now erica? >> the most have been inconsistent rain is in our east bay valleys. concord the willow pass and parts of antioch as well. not so much for jackie sissel is in downtown oakland. showers continue for walnut creek in the will catch a dry break heading into the rest of the san ramon valley. we have showers for the eastern portion of highwa
? intelligence officials say north korea. cnn's paula hancocks joins me live from seoul. this has to do with north korea allegedly trying to kill people who have defected, right? i'm wondering how often does this happen? >> reporter: well, martin, it's a question we've asked, and the answer is we're not telling you. the intelligence agency very rarely talks about these assassination attempts so no one knows how often they happen. but there was a high profile one that happened last year. the would-be assassin was caught, the plot was thwarted and the weapons were confiscatsd and we've been given a very exclusive look at those weapons. >> reporter: an assassination attempt foiled. a north korean spy is arrested on the streets of seoul. this was a year ago. and this is the first time south korean intelligence officials are showcasing the weapons. exclusively to cnn. how does this work? >> translator: this poison needle was made to look like a parker ball point pen. there is a tube inside here. in order to activate it, we have to twist it towards the right three to four times and then press
7. just 9 for your high for seoul. but 22 in tokyo. we'll have a very nice day here. out across the americas, we can see still these very huge low pressure systems. just unorganized but bringing some amount of rain and windy distance. sandy has already made lots of damage when it madeandfall in new jersey, the total accumulation more than 300 here as well. the snowfall accumulations are also one of the issues across the east. especially eastern canada, freezing rain will bring very dangerous driving conditions, and west virginia still has winter weather advisories. a total accumulation of about 15 centimeters on top what was we already see could be found. also very wintry here in the canadian rockies. northern california, really heavy rain to target your area. wintry in the nor but summer-like in some of these regions in the south. that's going to turn november 30s into your weekend. here's your extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us. are you totally unprepared? just about all of us have something
at temperatures now. 18 degrees in tokyo on saturday with 16 in seoul. but then they really fall away here, the temperatures from beijing, at 4 degrees to minus 10 for the high in ulan bator. down in the tropics, of course, a different story, 33 in both manila as well as bangkok. all right. heading into north america, we're watching a snowstorm developing across the west. the heaviest of the snow is going to be felt along the u.s./canada border. we could see upwards of 40 centimeters in some places, in fact. there that's going to be accompanied by very strong, cold winds, so we also have the windchill factor to take into consideration as well as blowing snow, drifting snow, blizzard conditions here, as well icy roads. you could start to see some of that snow heading up to the upper midwest by sunday. now, temperature-wise, minus 5 in winnipeg. remember, that is going to feel a lot colder. 8 degrees in vancouver as well as seattle. but then down towards the south, a hot day in houston at 28. and we have 24 in miami as well as mexico city. all right. on into europe we go. there is a large sy
and chongqing. tokyo looking for 16 on wednesday with just 6 degrees in seoul, 10 in beijing and minus 6, absolutely frigid, up in ulan bator. heading on into the americas, things are looking very clear for much of the u.s. up into canada as well as down through mexico. there is a small low sitting to the west. this one is weakening off at the moment, so you'll see showers at the coast and snow showers starting to clear up. out east, as well, we have another system that's pushing out over the atlantic. so a much drier day for you on wednesday, certainly, but it is going to be quite cold behind that cold front, so temperatures about five degrees below your average and also warnings for freezing fog around oklahoma, texas, and the lower mississippi valley. let's take a look at those figures then for your tuesday. you'll be noticing quite a drop in some areas like chicago, 4 degrees, on the toe, down to 9 degrees in new york city 1shgs 1 into d.c. all right. into europe, things are going to be clearing up across much of the continent, but there is going to be consistently heavy rain across
. >> they add pickles and seoul ss slaw. real dish into investigations of the food you eat airs on 2020 tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> i shoulder to think about that. >> yes. skip bread and butter. >> sandhya pattem has been busys the storm system bringing rain. >> this is storm number one. we have storm number two to go. let's go outside. here is a live picture, we have clouds out there. let's go another live picture now, it's raining up in tahoe. breezing level is over. it's over 8,000 feet. on twitter;0qm balmy, light r!, and camille posts steady, pouring rain. this depends on where you are. we do have a radar on mount st. helena. and there is a pocket of heavier rain heading towards the wood acre area in three minutes. watch for the brief down pours. down owe-to-street level, san francisco, bay street, you can see some light rain nouch we do havefxu moderate rain showing up around 680. lake herman road. watch out for possibilitytjz[ f brief down pours. looking at sierra nevada not a lot happening here.w?ñ=ñ snow2ñ2esis at the high elevatis so here is what it looks like so far. so far on the
degrees in seoul. cloudy conditions in shanghai with a high of 15 degrees today. all right. moving into the americas then. the northwestern part is going to be the stormiest in throughout the thanksgiving week. we're seeing a low pressure system moving into the west coast bringing hefty showers on the coast from british columbia down towards northern california. the heaviest rain is going to be found in oregon with up to 160 millimeters likely into the next 24 hours. as you can see, the lines are very close to each other. meaning very fierce winds are blowing and as the system moves inland, snow is going to be another problem. we have blizzard warnings posted in western monday. snow of up to 50 centimeters plus. that could cause some very dangerous driving conditions and also poor visibility. so remaining quite nasty in the northwest into your wednesday at least. light showers for the great lakes region. for the rest of the continent, dry and relatively warm. and remaining quite nice conditions. nice conditions will be ongoing story throughout the week. temperatures are looking lik
the promotion in a seminar in seoul on wednesday. the event was held by an organization that helps enterprises to raise funds and enter foreign markets. more than 200 south korean companies including those from the information technology sector took part. officials from the tse said investors in tokyo are interested in asian firms with growth potential, and listing their shares on the tokyo bourse would raise their profile and credibility. a tse executive said establishing good relations will be a key to boosting global standing. >> translator: japan and south korea are neighboring countries and have strong business alliances. having said that, forging better ties with south korea is a big and important issue. >>> on tuesday the tse retained approval to tie up with the osaka securities exchange. the move is set to attract funds from foreign firms. the tse was one of the top venues for listing but ever since the japanese economy slowed down, keeping up with global stock exchanges has been high on the agenda. >>> as the meetings wrap up, leaders are reporting on progress on the issue. >> reporte
release in august, the song by the south korean singer and songwriter psy is a celebration of seoul's nightlife district. >> in japan, high speed connections and plunging hardware prices are bringing high tech ads to every corner of every day life, lucy craft takes a look. >> reporter: at this recent trade show, the new look of japanese advertising, signs loaded with nifty technology, stopped customers right in their tracks. >> like this come on for rose scented perfume, they are excited to hang out and shoe the pedal by interacting with products the thinking goes they are more likely to buy them. another device is a technology called aerial imaging, it makes virtual champagne through thin air, to grab eyeballs company have to get serious about fun and games. even if it means when their customers go to -- >> this game was deviced to build the brand of a go ta botal garden, motion sensors get customers to slow down and grab the roses. >> just push the air and it responds, says the creators, ads can be projected on to almost anything today or plastered almost anywhere. the super thin
mixed precipitation and towards south korea in seoul much of that precipitation will be rain. you can see that pulling in towards japan again. especially northern japan another round of heavy snow. here a different story. moisture already surging here. thunderstorms will be very active in taiwan as well as southeastern china and up to 100 millimeters of rainfall can probably be found i the next 24 hours. out towards the islands you can see this pink dot moving over the pacific. this is the tropical storm that we have been tracking which is moving at a very slow snail's pace towards palau and it will intensify over warm water and looks like it will be a tropical storm in the next 48 hours. already affecting the arch pa lego with stormy conditions and high waves and heavy rain due to the slow pace wilbe the key elements from that. 30s in the tropics, hence the development of that storm system. tokyo looking at 11 for the high. and take a look at biting cold. things calm across much of canada and the united states. another system will pull in the pacific coast. you already have warnings
. and definitely not going to be seeing the the snowfall there. solo wie seoul, though weather a high of 3. beijing at 1. ulan bator, know, minus 12 throughout your week. let's change our attention here to the americas, because moisture in flow across northern california, plus these high winds creating a very messy situation. these high winds could be knocking down tree branches, knocking out power to many residents across this area, but not just that. the flashflooding potential. all this moisture pushing onshore is going to be bringing about 200 to 300 millimeters throughout the weekend. so from there in northern california you're going to be seeing that very high risk. that is a very heigl vags in the rockies, snowfall up to about 30, even 60 cent meters of snow in some of these higher areas. if you have plans on traveling across the area, any flights, do they can in on them ahead of time because this is going to be messy and potentially dangerous. talking about the snow, look at spain. cold air spilling across the north. in spain, that cold air mixed with a little bit of precipitation is ending
. temperaturewise not too bad, 18 on saturday. in tokyo, while we have 16 in seoul. temperatures will start to fall away from beijing. five degrees here and minus five up in ulan bator. let's head into the americas. out towards the northeast there has been some significant snowfall from a large storm system just departing, moving across towards the atlantic. it is still going to be causing some problems for the canadian maritimes. as for new england and the rest of the east, looking quite nice with high pressure moving in keeping things clear. however, out towards the west and across the north it's a different story. we have quite heavy snowfall moving across the u.s.-canada border. the northern rockies, the cascades as well, getting about 25 centimeters. anywhere in the darker blue can expect upwards of 40 centimeters of snowfall. also will see gusts up to 80 kilometers per hour. with the snow blowing, snow drifting, blizzard like conditions and bringing very chilly air. windchill must also be taken into consideration. have a look at the temperatures. minus 4 in winnipeg, but it will feel much col
in seoul. six degrees here, ten in beijing and minus six for the high in ulan bator. a quick look into the americas tells us things are looking very clear here across much of the center of the continent. in fact, mexico right through central canada. however, our low pressure, the system that's been pushing into the pacific northwest still seeing showers, coastal rain and mountain snow. that is actually starting to settle down. out east we have this long front which has been bringing showers all the way down to the gulf of mexico. it's going to be bringing you, in fact, some snowshowers in parts of new york state, pennsylvania, up into new england new england. but it's not going to be accumulating. it's not going to lie. just a few light snowshowers. temperatures will drop dramatically but should rebound by the end of the week. we'll have high pressure moving in. things will be nice and clear for you into the weekend. a quick look into europe before we go. things are settling down in the center where we've been dealing with heavy rain. talking northern italy as well as northwestern
the rest of eastern asia though things are also remaining rather chilly. seoul with a high of only 7. beijing at 10. the lows down into the double digits below zero here. down toward the south into the tropics we're actually still seeing heavy rain showers in the philippines. manila with a high of 33. now let's look over toward the americas and look at the clear skies on the satellite picture. this is all due to this dome of high pressure that is just suppressing the cloud cover across much of canada down there throughout the united states. we do have a few storm systems moving onshore across the west coast. those are really the big topic for today going into friday and then eventually saturday as these continue to push onshore. they were bringing heavy rainfall, even gusty winds up to 50 kilometers per hour and some of the valleys here right near the coast lines this could be about 80 kilometer per hour winds expected. once you get through the funneling effect here and a little further inland you could be seeing heavy snow accumulating especially into the higher elevations. if you'r
will be improving conditions. beijing with a high of 11. seoul at 13. over to tokyo, into the low 20s by midweek. over towards europe, we have been watching this area of cloud cover. it's been moving across eastern europe, across the balkans. you've been seeing rough to severe weather throughout the pest several days. this is video out of the region where heavy rain over the week end caused rivers to burst their banks throughout slow vein yeah. alarms were sounded as floods cut off entire communities. you can see many cars submerged as the floods continue to ravage the area. croatia was also hit by heavy rain and strong winds which flooded streets and brought down trees. fortunately the damage was minimal here. so really good news. but now that storm system is still pushing off towards the east into eastern parts of europe. still bringing gusty winds around the black sea. definitely want to watch that. off towards the northern portions of the uk, we have snow over in the scandinavian peninsula and into the low countries. temperatures will reflect this. loren done with only a high of eight. stock
the way back. >> back to seoul? >> beyond. they took seoul back. macarthur started to give press conferences. he asked for the use of the bomb. truman said now. truman did not think -- instead of calling macarthur back, he decided to fly to wake island. he sat with macarthur and repeated, we do not want the chinese in this war. we do not want to bring russia in. you are not going to get the atomic bomb. what are we going to do? he said, i can handle it. give me the troops and need and it will be all right. truman thought, ok, he understands what i, the commander in chief, has told him to do. he flew back home. macarthur decided a strategic blunder -- he split the army. he had an enormous, good army. he split it in two with a mountain range in between to get to the north koreans to knock them out of the war and to get the chinese. that meant that if one army was hit, the other army could not help it. on the right or on the left. as a result, both were pushed all the way back. he wanted the bomb again. truman got very angry and sad, i do not want to use the atomic bomb again. he fl
. >> an assassination attempt, foiled. a north korean spy arrested on the streets of seoul. this was a year ago and this is the first time south korean intelligence officials are showcasing the weapons. exclusively to cnn. so, how does this work? >> translator: this poison needle was made to look like a pack of ballpoint pen. there is a tube inside here. in order to activate it, we have to twist it towards the right three to tofour times and then press the top part like this. >> if you're shot by this pen, what happens to you? >> translator: it would cause muscle paralysis, chald lead to suffocation then death. >> the second pen shoots a poison filled bullet. the powdered poison is then released. these pens look like they belong in a james bond movie. is it new technology? >> translator: these pen weapons are not new, but this flashlight is new. never seen this weapon before. if you look at the front, there are three holes. there was a bullet in each hole and here the trigger. >> forensics fired one bullet to test the gun. it was accurate and deadly. when police arrested the would be assassin,
. the song is named for a pricey neighborhood in seoul. that is the video that people keep tuning in again and again, in part because they want to learn the dance. >> we want to see you do a little bit of that. can you show me -- >> you want me to shake just like that -- >> you've got the moves. you can do that. >> i'll save that for the commercial break. >> gangnam style. >> gangnam style. >> thank you. >>> the guessing game object who may replace hillary clinton as the secretary of state is in high gear, once again today. all because senator john mccain just signaled he's open to talking things over with one of the top contenders for the job, the u.n. ambassador susan rice. dan lothian's noticed the change in tone. dan's joining us now with more. what's the latest on the successor for hillary clinton, dan? >> reporter: that's right. this is senator, john mccain, who had been working to discredit ambassador rice, had been digging in on this, criticizing her, prompting the president at his news conference to say, if they wanted to go after anyone, they should go after him. now there's a no
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